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Medicare Insurance & Supplement Plans

We can't tell you the importance of making some time to "Evaluate" your Medicare Healthcare Plan options.   


Some retiree's find out the hard way of unexpected co-pays and deductibles! 

If you are "NEW to Medicare and TURNING 65", you are NOW eligible for these benefits as well!  

Your Part A is automatically given to you.  You must then enroll in a Part B and purchase a Part D, and this is known as Original Medicare. 

Because Medicare will not cover everything at 100%, there are options for you to cover the 20% left behind by Medicare. 


Such Options will be a Medicare Advantage Plan or Part C as it is known or a Medicare  Supplement Plan, known as MEDIGAP policy.  These plans help you Eliminate your Co-Pays and/or Deductibles. 


Due to the different plans, benefits and coverages, it is best to consult one of our Certified Medicare Plan Agents.   


Our professional Medicare Insurance Agent experts are near you and just one Click away!  Complete and submit the appointment request or Call us at (562)353-5375

       We offer evening and weekend appointments.

When meeting with Agents what to expect?

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