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5 Types of Insurance that everyone must have

In this blog, I will put some light on why you must have these 5 types of insurance and why it is relevant to have them.

I see many people every day buying new phones and purchasing the back cover for it.

We all know why they buy the back cover after purchasing the phone, for protecting the phone, correct?

An iPhone will cost $1000 approx. And for protecting this thousand-dollar asset people buy the cover for their phones.

I am sure Our Life, Health, Home, and Car are much more valuable than iPhone then why not cover them with insurance?

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1. Long-Term Disability Insurance

If you are earning a good amount then this is the insurance you must have because it covers you in case you are no longer able to continue working.

Long-term Disability provides you with a monetary benefit equal to 50% of your insured’s salary.

If you are 100% healthy then this is the best time to buy this insurance because a medical checkup confirmed by the physician is needed at the time of purchasing the insurance.

The person will be benefited only when he/she is unable to continue their job because of any disability.

2. Life Insurance

Life Insurance is for the people who are dependent on you. The dependent can be your children, spouse, parents, or other loved ones.

This insurance makes sure your loved ones would not face any financial hardship if you died.

Some people are alone in the world and do not have any family, for them this insurance is useless but for you, it is the first thing you buy because you are earning for your family and this protects your family when you will not here.

3. Health Insurance

This Insurance is more important than the above two insurances if you are living in the USA. I say this because most people can not afford medical expenses in the USA not because they are earning less, it is because medical expenses are very high in the USA in comparison to other countries.

You can estimate this from the fact that injuries that require surgery can quickly rack up five-figure costs.

So, it is better to pay the premiums instead of getting broke if anything wrong happens.

4. Homeowner’s Insurance

Building a home is an expensive process. Taking the right homeowner’s Insurance will make the process less difficult.

The best tip while buying a home is to check for the policy which also covers the cost of living somewhere else while your home is repaired.

The cost of replacement can be more or less depends on the age of your home and what things are in it.

One last thing for which you must look before buying the policy is it must cover the cost of any liability for injuries that might occur on your property.

5. Automobile Insurance

Our Government, itself will force you to buy in most places by law. Even if you are highly skilled in driving and you drive safely this insurance you can’t skip.

For once you may pay for the new car but you can not estimate the amount which can come to you as a liability because of damage incurred by your car or any other automobile.

Buying auto insurance that covers the least or just for avoiding penalties from the government is the worst thing you do because it only saves you a tiny amount and put everything at your own risk 24x7x365.

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