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Why taking health insurance is the first thing you must do after you start earning

If you are healthy and just started earning then you may think that why to waste money on health insurance, and this is understandable because this is how most people think.

I have a few points which you can think about and can reconsider your decision.

When people of age 20 to 30 years of range think about health insurance then they think about the worst-case scenarios and they thought it will not going to happen with them because they are healthy at that time.

As you know Fixing a broken leg will cost you $7,500 approx and a few days in the hospital can burn your financial journey and even can put you in debt.

Even a small medical condition can force you to take money out of your retirement account and I think this reason is enough to cover the financial risk which you are having if you do not have Health Insurance.

When you purchased health Insurance then you will start getting benefits from day 1. Even if your plan is a deductible, your spend will be very less in comparison with the person having no health insurance.

Nowadays most health insurance is having free disease management programs which help you to cover the bad times easily.

All plans purchased from Marina Amezcua Insurance include free preventive care like annual check-ups and immunizations.

And In most of the plans, you will get Chronic disease management & other health checkups for free i.e Blood Pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Few people can think that I will eat the right food and do regular exercise to stay healthy but the first thing is eating healthy food for a short time is possible but in long run, less than 5% people were able to achieve this & the point is you still not covered in case of an accident.

In 2020 Covid itself shows the world why health insurance is a must and how this can be life-changing.

I myself have seen many examples where people got the free screening in health insurance and were able to identify the major illness like blood cancer in the much before stage when cancer has just started spreading in the body.

Side Effect of taking health insurance

One side effect of health insurance is you will get peace of mind :) because now if you are earning and you are covered from most of the big expenses which can happen in the future, so you are fully secured.

Having peace of mind can help you live a better life which itself adds a great value to your life and alone worth more than the price you pay to buy health insurance.

If you have less budget and can not buy the health insurance for the whole family then at least buy for the earning person of the family because if earnings get stopped for any reason then it will put the whole family in trouble.

Choose the plan which is best for you not what others are buying

There is mainly two types of the option you can choose deductible or out-of-pocket.

In deductible, there is an amount up to which you have to bear the cost but don’t worry this is usually very low i.e $1000 or $3000 and after that, all costs of the medication will be taken care of by the insurance company.

In out-of-pocket, the company will cover 100% cost but this plan category is a little costlier.

I suggest you go with deductible because if there is a small issue and you are earning then you can easily take care of this but unfortunately if there is any big issue then you are covered plus you will get this health insurance for less amount.

There are always some pros and cons to everything, the point is you have to choose which one is best for you but taking no health cover for you and your family is a big mistake and there is no sorry applicable in future.

What if I don’t get sick month after month? Don’t I lose money in the long run?

This is not true and I will tell you why. Even if you are healthy for many months after taking the health insurance, you will enjoy free checkups and vaccinations.

And as I told you above the peace of mind you will get is alone worth more than the money you pay for buying the health insurance, isn't it?

So, why you are waiting, we have the best plan in healthcare for every age. The sooner you buy the plan, the lesser premium you pay.

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