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Important Tips about the California Health Insurance

Not Unlike other states with large populations, California has had its share of uninsured and because of rising costs, this trend has not gotten better. By 2009, the number of people solely relying on employer insurance coverage was at 52%. The Sunshine state also grapples with one of the largest number of uninsured people in the nation prompting questions as to the local government was going to do to alleviate this

In California, there is over 6 million people who are either under-insured or have no health insurance whatsoever. This problem affects both the employed and the self-employed. Those who opt to opt to purchase their own coverage have had to deal with rising premiums. The high inflation rate has also compounded the problem. With an increasing rate of unemployment, the future doesn't look any brighter as more people are expected to lose their employer-based coverage. Even those who keep their jobs are at the mercy of rising premiums, which have increased by 134.4 percent since 2002. That's more than five times the overall inflation rate in California, which is just 24.5 percent.

How to get California health insurance

Because of deregulation, there are now a myriad of companies offering health insurance in the State of California. But this can be expensive if you do not have proper guidance from a competent insurance professional. Premiums for California Health insurance for individual coverage average $5,463 annually, which is higher than the national $5,049 average. Covering a family runs about $14,396 a year.

Who You Buy California Health Insurance From Is As Important As What Plan You Get. If Jan and David had been working with an agent or broker who looked out for their interest, this would not have happened. Until you become an expert, it's safer to rely on experts that you can trust. How do you know whether to rely on an agent?

First, be sure your agent or broker is really licensed. The California Department of Insurance lets you search by license number or by name at their website to inquire about agent and broker license status.

Next, ask some questions to get to know your agent or broker. Does he sell other forms of insurance, like auto and home policies? Is health insurance a sideline or his main focus. With hundreds of California health insurance plans available from different insurers, it takes time to get to know the reputation of insurance companies and the details of the plans they offer.

Even a well-intentioned agent who's new to the business may fail to advise you of plan limitations that can be devastating. You don't want to find out that your coverage is limited to a few thousand dollars for services that end up costing you $30,000.

It's equally important to assess your agent's motivation. Will his commission be paid regardless of which insurance company has a plan that works for you, or does he need to steer you toward certain insurers to earn a living? Independent agents and brokers can put your interests first because they're paid no matter which insurer has the best coverage for you. More plan choices give you more chances to get a better deal.

Finally, check whether your agent or broker will be accessible if you have problems with an insurer. How easy is it to talk with a real person after you buy a California Health Insurance policy? Is your agent willing to help you get your policy issued without rate increases or exclusions placed on pre-existing conditions? Will your agent compare plans again for you in a year to see whether new plans offer better rates or coverage? Learn all you can about both your agent and the available plans before you buy.

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