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Is California Low-Cost Auto Insurance a Good Decision?

Are you shopping for a quote for low-cost auto insurance in California? While it is always good to shop for the best deal out there, you must understand that buying insurance at below-market rates means you may have to compromise when it comes to coverage. Unless you are really hard pressed for money, this is not too good an idea. The rule is; the higher the premium, the more likely the chance of getting a good coverage. Many drivers purchase very cheap insurance just to comply with the legal requirement only to discover that it lacks adequate coverage in the event of an accident

Here are a few reasons why buying very cheap auto insurance may not be a good decision:

Inadequate coverage

Some low-income shoppers fall for the temptation of going for buying insurance at below-market. Understandably, their motivation is to save money while complying with the legal requirement. But this can translate into problems in the event of an accident where the injured insured suddenly discovers, much to their horror, that they have inadequate coverage. ,

Too many hurdles to jump before compensation

Sometimes, this low-cost auto insurance is offered by fly-by-night insurance agencies. In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle and/or property, the insured is suddenly faced with numerous processes and procedures not to mention paperwork and red tape before they can even be considered for compensation

Very strict eligibility guidelines

In many cases, this low-cost insurance is difficult for the average driver to qualify for. This is because it comes with very strict eligibility guidelines. These can be frustrating to the average driver who just wants to get coverage quickly.

Lack of flexibility

Sometimes buyers end up with coverage that may become a sheer headache later. This headache can come when the insured attempts to make changes to their policy. For example, if they want to add another driver, or they want to change vehicles.

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